3rd Technical project meeting

CDF (Centro de la Defensa del Fuego), León (SPAIN)

León hosts the third technical meeting of the MEFISTO project (#mefistoforestfires), bringing together the representatives of the participating entities: University of Florence, Italy; the National School of Firemen (ENB) of Portugal; CESEFOR Foundation, Castilla y León, Spain; School of Application of Civil Security, Valabre, France; and Regione Toscana (RT), Italy.; as well as members of the CDF, Junta de Castilla y León, collaborator of the project.

The objective of the third meeting will be the follow-up of the activities of the #mefistoforestfires project and the planning of the actions of this year 2018. Among other topics, the meeting will focus on the training standardization and the training objectives of the "European Forest Fire Officer ".

It will also be a great opportunity to learn about the work carried out by the CDF (Center for Defense Against Fire) in its own facilities.

See the attached document for further details.

PDF icon Mefisto project 3rd technical meeting program1.03 MB
PDF icon Report of the technical meeting2.22 MB