Universitá Degli Studi Firenze

The University of Florence is one of the largest organizations for research and higher education in Italy, with over 1700 tenured teaching staff and researchers, over 1600 permanent technical/administrative staff and language assistants and over 55 thousand students enrolled.

ENB, Escola Nacional de Bombeiros

The National Fire Service School (ENB) is a private non-profit organization owned by the National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC) and the Confederation of the Portuguese Firefighters (LBP).

CESEFOR, Castilla y León Wood & Forest Service Center

Cesefor foundation is a non-profit private organization contributing to the integral development of the forestry sector through research, innovation and promoting sustainability in all production areas, giving priority to the conservation of natural resources.

VALABRE, École D’Application de Sécurité Civile

Is a public civil protection body in France with the overall aim of protecting people and the environment from natural disasters and technological hazards. Within this role, ENTENTE plays a key role as a State partner for protection from wildfires and forest fires. With 29 local authorities, ENTENTE unites 14 French counties and departmental fire and rescue services. Since 2004, ENTENTE has been open to the regions of France, with the Corsican local authority the first to join.

Regione Toscana

The outline law on forest fires, law 21 november 2000, no. 353, gives the Regions a fondamental role in planning and managing activities of forest fire prediction, prevention and fighting. Therefore the Forestazione – Antincendi boschivi (AIB) Organization - of Tuscany Region is responsible of the prevision, prevention and fighting activities relating forest fires.