Actions & Results

Project Management

  • Participation in the Kick-off Meeting to be held in Brussels
  • Organization of an opening meeting (by the Coordinating Beneficiary) for all the partners Coordination and effective management of the project and consortium
  • Ensure the administrative and financial implementation of the Contract
  • Ensure the overall scientific and technical coordination...

Mediterranean forest fire fighting

The main objective of this task is to analyse, to compare and to improve:

  • The approaches applied in the different Countries for contrasting forest fires 
  • The training systems for increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of fire prevention

In detail, it will be investigated and compared:

  • Legal...

Common terminology and good practices

Starting from the information collected and organised in Task B, partners are requested to produce a standardised terminology that will be useful in developing common procedures in fire fighting.

Each partner will contribute, through its own experiences, to define a series of good practices in forest fire fighting to be recognized and shared at Mediterranean level. The debate on this topic...

Transnational cooperation

This is a key-task of MEFISTO project, and a challenge for all the stakeholders involved in forest fire fighting. The general objective is the development of a well-structured Mediterranean network with competence in organising and managing transnational cooperation against forest fires.

This objective will be reached through the implementation of different items:


Standardization and implementation

Starting from the results obtained in the previous tasks, the aim of task E is to define all the figures involved in forest fire fighting and to create a standardised and shared set of training programs for these figures.

Moreover, a standard for the assessment and the monitoring strategies for the created figures will be provided. After this first part of standardisation, the second one...

Communication and dissemination

The first aim of this work package is to achieve the widest dissemination of the technical results of the project within the membership of the consortium, the scientific community and, more important, within the European forestry sector. In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives are proposed:

  • Disseminate the MEFISTO results broadly among stakeholders...